YouTube Channel Ideas

Picking a Youtube channel idea will easily be one of the most important things you do, so in this post, we’ll take a look at 20 channel ideas. You can use these topics to build a channel or use them as categories within your channel.


City tour guide CHANNEL

If you live in a city with many tourist attractions, then you can make video guides for users planning to visit your city.


Book review Channel

Do you read a lot? Then create a book review channel and help people choose the right books to read.


Beauty & Makeup Channel

Make a channel about beauty and makeup products, every month new products are launched in this space and users rush to YouTube to learn how to use these products.


List videos Channel

Create a countdown or list channel that covers the top 10 of every industry – like “top 10 creepiest places or earth or the top 10 highest paid athletes players in the world’ …. you get the idea right?


Vlogging Channel

Vlogging is one of the easiest ways to get started on YouTube because most of you probably have a phone with a great camera and all you need in a good microphone and basic video editing skills to get started.


Cooking Channel

Every country has its own unique cuisine so you can create a channel that showcases the step-by-step process on how to create a particular dish. From picking the right ingredients to showing off your unique recipes, the opportunity here is endless.


Gaming Channel

Gaming channels are very popular because the barrier to entry is quite low. Pick a game, show your skills or show people how to become better at playing that game and grow your audience.


Sports Training Channel

If you are good at a sport… you can create a training series that shows viewers how they can improve or learn that sport.


Comedy Channel

Come up safe pranks, record and upload them or create comedy skits with your family or friends, if you are good at telling jokes then create a stand-up comedy channel.


Motivational videos Channel

If you can write motivational scripts, then you can create a channel that motivates and inspires people to become better.

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Teaching Channel

Is there a software, skill or subject that you are passionate about? teach people about it on your channel.


Fitness Channel

If you know a lot about fitness then you can teach people how to become fit… from acrobatics to yoga, you will find a passionate audience willing to learn from you.


Travel Channel

If you travel a lot, consider documenting your journey and show others what to expect, things to do, places to eat, etc.


Food Review Channel

Visit restaurants in your city and create video reviews of the food.


News recap Channel

Create a channel that recaps the most important news in your city/country every day.


Parenting Channel

Got kids? or planning on having kids? Create a channel that documents your journey with them and share it with the world!


Car & Bike review Channel

If you know a lot about cars and bikes, create in-depth reviews of the latest vehicles. With new models releasing every year you will never run out of topics.


Interviews Channel

Find people on LinkedIn with interesting job titles and create 10-minute video or audio interviews asking them to share their personal or professional journey.


Unboxing & Product reviews Channel

Unboxing and product reviews channels work really well on YouTube because whenever companies announcing a new product, people turn to Google and Youtube to help them decide if they should buy it or not.


Screencast Channel

If you are good at photoshop, Google ads or any other software, then consider creating screencast walk-through videos and help users understand how to use a particular software.

Get your FREE copy of 30 channel ideas.

You will also receive a list of channel ideas you must avoid or Youtube will delete your channel!