How long does Vampire Breast Lift Last [Explained]

Dr.Edna Skopljak

Dr.Edna Skopljak

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If you’re considering getting a Vampire breast lift, you probably have many questions. One of the most important is likely to be, “How long will the results last?”

If you don’t know what a Vampire breast lift is – then here’s a quick refresher:

A Vampire Breast Lift is a surgical procedure designed to add volume to a woman’s breasts, reduce the appearance of stretch marks, and create an overall more toned appearance. The name itself comes from the fact that the procedure uses your own blood and is a series of injections rather than a surgical procedure.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and platelet-poor plasma (PPP) are injected to rejuvenate the look and feel of your breasts. But how long does a vampire breast life last?

Let’s find out…

How long does vampire breast lift last?

A Vampire breast lift will last up to two years, and here are the factors that affect the longevity of the procedure.

Weight fluctuation has the highest negative impact on the longevity of a Vampire breast lift. Since the process involves your own blood for self-rejuvenation when your body’s natural state is compromised, so are your breasts.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding will also impact the longevity of the breast lift. So it is advised to wait until you are done breastfeeding before getting a Vampire breast lift.

Gravity will also affect you, pulling your breasts downward. Eventually, it will cause them to sag. So wearing a supportive bra and being mindful and realistic of how large your breasts are and the pull they may have when not supported properly are also to be taken into account.

Other factors include lifestyle choices like smoking, drinking, genetics, and the quality of the procedure.

Since this process isn’t nearly as invasive as regular cosmetic surgery, the results also do not last as long.

On average, breasts can seem fuller and firmer for 1-2 years, but the results do depend on the expertise of the doctor and your body’s ability to properly metabolize the PRP and PPP.

Maintenance of a Vampire breast lift

Because of their reduced longevity, maintaining your breasts’ looks will be an ongoing process. Once every 12-18 months, you should be getting a maintenance procedure done. It is important to note that treatment shouldn’t happen if you have blood cancer, hepatitis C, HIV, or AIDS, any heart diseases that need a blood thinner, or if you have skin cancer in the treated area.

How long does it take for a Vampire breast lift to work?

The beautiful thing about a Vampire Breast Lift is its non-invasive technique. Because of this, results come faster, and side effects are minimal.

You should be able to go back to your lifestyle almost immediately – so long as your lifestyle isn’t constantly bouncing up and down and putting a far above-average strain on your breasts. Full results should be noticeable after 2-3 months, and mild swelling and soreness in your breasts should pass after a couple of weeks at most.

If there are lingering side effects or anything more than minor or actual bleeding, it is recommended you see your doctor.

Does vampire breast lift increase breast size?

The purpose of this breast lift is to do exactly that: get them lifted. However, there are cases of patients going up a cup size after treatment, and there are cases of patients going up multiple sizes after every maintenance injection. So the rejuvenation process is different for different people, but there is a very real possibility of an increase in breast size after having a Vampire breast lift done.

What to expect after a Vampire breast lift?

You can expect some minor swelling and soreness. This is normal as your body is adjusting to changes. Think of it like growing pains from when you were going through puberty. Expect minimal, but some scarring, and please be patient while things are changing.

Most importantly, be realistic with yourself on your lifestyle and if it will maximize your breast rejuvenation timeline or if maintenance will be taking place closer to the “once a year” mark.


A Vampire Breast Lift has many benefits – from its non-invasive nature to its more natural rejuvenation process. They serve as a quicker, healthier alternative to cosmetic surgery but come at the cost of a lessened timeline. But after reading this, you should be more informed on your decision-making process and should be able to answer, “how long does a Vampire Breast Lift last”.