Do breast lift scars fade? [Explained]

Dr.Edna Skopljak

Dr.Edna Skopljak

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It’s easy to lose sight of the significance of breast lift scars once you see what a breast lift can do for you. However, once the initial awe wears off, the question of scars comes into play. Many patients have raised concerns about darkened lines under their breasts and want to know what to expect after surgery. 

Do breast lift scars fade?

Breast lift scars do fade, but they never permanently disappear. They will, however, lighten and flatten. Your scars will have a brighter and thicker appearance immediately after surgery, but they will eventually fade into a lighter shade that is slightly darker than your skin. After that, the scars may take on a whitish appearance. 

The scar won’t vanish overnight, and it will take some time for the scar to lighten enough to match your skin tone or become white closely. However, you must wait 2 to 3 years to see how much your scar has faded. Patients have reported noticing a visible difference in scar appearance by the 12th-month mark. 

Types of breast lift surgeries and their respective scarring

There are three types of breast lifts. Your ideal breast lift will depend on your current breast tissue, the flexibility of your skin, and the degree of lift you desire.

  • The Concentric approach leaves the least noticeable scar. Although the scar is less noticeable, the concentric approach provides less lift and projection. 
  • The Circumvertical approach provides a moderate lift in small-breasted women with a noticeable scar.
  • An Inverted T approach is excellent for significant sagging breasts or inelastic skin. The Inverted T provides the most noticeable lift.

If you intend to add breast implants to your lift, the implants may also affect the type of incision you choose.

The stages of scar healing

How quickly scars heal will vary significantly from person to person. They will generally flatten down and turn red to pink after 2-3 months. It’s best to take good care of yourself and avoid exerting yourself to help your body heal. Your scars will be entirely healed in 6 to 12 months. They should be white and thin by the 12-month mark. 

Lifestyle changes to improve scar healing

  • Avoid excessive scrubbing or exfoliating, especially during the healing phase of the scar.
  • Minimize heavy lifting. After surgery, don’t lift anything heavy for the first six weeks.
  • Avoid scratching at the wounds.
  • Stop smoking. To avoid complications, professionals advise quitting smoking at least one month before surgery.
  • Avoid tanning. Your scars will become more evident due to the darkening of scar tissue.

How to care for your scars and lessen their appearance

The best way to prevent scars from breast lifts is to help prevent excessive scar tissue from forming. Don’t just jump for any over-the-counter remedies without consulting with your surgeon.


Do breast lift scars fade? Yes, they do. There will be some scarring after a breast lift, but it should fade, and you shouldn’t have any significant scarring. 

Finding a surgeon with breast lift experience would be best to avoid substantial scarring. 

Additionally, some steps can be taken from home to stop any future scarring and lessen the visibility of your breast lift scars. 

Your surgeon should also be able to advise you on the best way forward.