Vacuum Breast Lift [2023 Guide]

Dr.Edna Skopljak

Dr.Edna Skopljak

Edna Skopljak is a Doctor of Medicine. She has over 10 years of experience in the medical field. She is also a volunteer at several organizations, and is always looking for ways to improve the health of her community.

Introduction to vacuum breast lift

While having sagging or drooping breasts is the most natural thing for aging women, this can seriously affect your body image and self-confidence. And when we’re not feeling good about ourselves, our quality of life can be drastically reduced because we’re afraid of being seen and looked at.

That’s why we’ve made this complete breakdown of vacuum breast lift procedures and how this non-invasive non-surgical treatment can be the perfect choice to give yourself that extra boost of confidence and live your life to the absolute fullest.

Definition of a vacuum breast lift

As a non-surgical treatment, vacuum breast lifts are considered one of the safest breast lift techniques, with great recovery times and a small list of side effects. By using suction and cups with the latest technology, this treatment uses the pectoral muscles you have in your chest area to help lift loose skin as well shape your breasts.

This treatment can also soften the fatty deposits that exist in your breast tissue, making them feel better in the process.

For women looking for a non-invasive treatment that bypasses the need for surgery, vacuum breast lifts are definitely the way to go.

Overview of the procedure

Vacuum breast lifts consist of 3 treatments and include:

  • Vacuum suction
  • Photodynamic light therapy
  • Micro-current charges

During your vacuum breast lift procedure, you will have suction cups placed over your breast for the vacuum process, which can last as little as 30 minutes for the procedure. Because of the non-invasive nature of this procedure, you might experience some slight discomfort during the vacuum process, but the levels can be adjusted.

By using suction cups for the vacuum breast lift, your blood and lymph circulation will improve and thus enhancing your breast size and shape, giving you the perfect non-invasive breast lift – as well as lifting your self-confidence in the process.

Explanation of the vacuum suction technology used in breast lift

Vacuum suction breast lifts use the latest technology in the field that uses suction cups and is also known as vacuotherapy and depressomassage. This technology was originally used in the 1970s to help treat burn victims and their scars but has progressed to treat other skin and tissue-related issues, such as sagging breasts and buttocks.

Due to the treatment being external with the use of vacuum suction cups, many women prefer getting vacuum breast lifts because the process is painless and does not cause any long-term trauma to the skin or breast tissue.

Endermologie, which is a therapy used to treat cellulite dimples and swelling of the skin, also uses vacuum suction cup technology, making this form of treatment a very popular choice due to its safety and short recovery times.

Steps involved in the vacuum breast lift procedure

The process for getting a vacuum breast lift is easy and non-invasive with very little recovery time, if at all. This is why many women are choosing this therapy type instead of the more dangerous routes like surgery and implants.

The process for vacuum breast lifts is simple and involves a few steps:

  1. Vacuum therapy oil is applied and massaged into your breast
  2. Vacuum suction cups are applied
  3. Treatment begins and usually lasts 30 to 40 minutes
  4. (Depending on the person) 1 – 8 sessions are necessary for the greatest results

The factors that determine the number of sessions you’ll need to depend on several factors, and include:

  • Skin type
  • Breast size
  • Genetics
  • Lifestyle
  • Age
  • And more

Benefits of the vacuum suction technology for a breast lift

Many women are hesitant to even consider the more dangerous and invasive treatments like surgical breast lifts and other surgical options – which makes the vacuum suction breast lift the perfect choice. Each session will last no longer than 40 minutes, and the results are immediate.

Your recovery time is minimal, with no downtime needed, and you get back to your daily life and work right after the treatment.

The benefits of the vacuum suction breast lift speak for themselves and include the following:

  • Short session times (3o to 40 minutes)
  • No anesthetic required
  • No downtime is needed for recovery (immediate recovery)
  • Instant results in the shape and size of breasts
  • Minimal side effects that include slight sensitivity and mild redness
  • Non-invasive and non-surgical
  • One of the safest breast lift treatments

Who is a good candidate for a vacuum breast lift?

While any woman who needs vacuum breast lifts can get this treatment, the average age group ranges between 40 to 70 years old. This is due to the general loosening of skin at this age, which causes significant drooping and sagging.

This is the best treatment choice for those who simply want to tighten and improve the shape and appearance and not significantly increase the volume.

Some of the factors that make you a good candidate for vacuum breast lifts include:

  • You are physically healthy
  • Loose or drooping Breast Tissue
  • Low Areola Placement
  • Losing breast volume or firmness

Women Who Want A Natural-Looking Lift

The vacuum breast lift is the perfect choice for women who want a natural-appearing breast lift that is non-invasive, not painful, and requires no recovery time.

Women Who Have Sagging Breasts

As we age, unfortunately, gravity starts to have an effect on our breast tissue, and for women looking to boost their confidence and self-image, the vacuum breast lift is an ideal choice.

Women Who Want To Avoid Traditional Surgery

Surgery and invasive procedures are not the best choices, and many women will never get implants. That’s where vacuum breast lifts come in. Due to the non-surgical and non-invasive aspect of this therapy, many women enjoy the fact that they are not getting cut and can return to their lives immediately after their sessions.

Short-term risks and complications of a vacuum breast lift

Some of the short-term side effects of vacuum breast lifts include:

  • Redness
  • Swelling and sensitivity
  • Irritation of the skin

Long-term risks and complications of a vacuum breast lift

While this treatment is very safe and non-invasive, there is still a slight risk of complications if you have ongoing issues with your breast tissue or other medical ailments, and to be safe – always consult your doctor to confirm this treatment option is safe for you.

How to reduce the risks and complications of a vacuum breast lift

Finding a trusted and qualified therapist is the best way to ensure everything goes smoothly with your vacuum breast lift.

Results and aftercare

The results of vacuum breast lifts are immediate and require very little aftercare due to the non-invasive nature of this treatment. To get the best results, however, take it easy during the day after your treatment and ensure your diet and other lifestyle factors are not too unhealthy to ensure the quickest recovery.

Expectations for results

Even though it’s an incredible solution, the outcomes are not everlasting. This highlights the significance of recognizing that follow-up therapies are necessary to maintain your desired shape and firmness.

Yet, as we like to put it, a touch of treatment every now and then never hurts anyone, particularly when the outcomes gift you with the youthful firmness and self-assurance of a beach-going teenager.

Maintenance and aftercare instructions

After your vacuum breast lift treatments, you may have slight discomfort and redness or bruising due to the suction technology. But there is no required downtime, and you can continue with your everyday lifestyle after each session.

Any side effects like redness and swelling also take very little time to clear, leaving you fuller, firmer, and well-rounded – getting your confidence back and giving you the results you so desire.


Breast lifts and augmentation doesn’t require surgery or other invasive techniques anymore, and with the vacuum breast lift, you can be sure to get the desired results while not having to experience pain or long periods of traumatic recovery. The power is now in your hands, and we can indeed get back to a body image we’re proud to show.