Plasma Pen Breast Lift [2023 Guide]

Dr.Edna Skopljak

Dr.Edna Skopljak

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Plasma fibroblast breast lift is a revolutionary, groundbreaking, and less intrusive treatment for sagging breasts. The Plasma fibroblast breast lift stimulates collagen creation using your own cells, which tightens the surrounding tissue and helps to remodel the body’s natural structure while reducing pain and scarring.

A plasma pen breast lift is an excellent approach to improving the appearance of your breasts without undergoing surgery. It can be used to lift sagging breasts and give a more youthful, perky appearance.

This therapy can also be utilized to correct breast asymmetries and improve overall breast shape.

What is a plasma pen breast lift?

A plasma pen breast lift is a non-invasive device that tightens skin by using plasma. Plasma is an ionized or electrically charged gas. When you turn on the pen, the plasma stream from the tip forms a short electrical arc, which heats the air surrounding it and creates plasma.

Because of collagen formation, the plasma stream from the fibroblast plasma pen achieves high temperatures, causing skin tissue to contract and tighten.

The fibroblast plasma pen is capable of treating a variety of body parts, including the face and neck. The plasma pen causes electrical pulses to be delivered to the skin.

These electrical pulses stimulate the skin to heat up and flex, encouraging the formation of collagen and elastin.

As a result, the breasts appear firmer and younger.

This method has numerous advantages over other invasive cosmetic procedures and includes the following:

  • The skin is tightened and lifted
  • Collagen production is stimulated
  • Breast attractiveness is improved with minimal downtime or recovery time required

How does a plasma pen breast lift work?

Now that you know more about what to expect about getting a breast lift with a fibroblast plasma pen, we’ll look at the steps needed to perform an at-home treatment yourself.

Step 1: Choosing your tools and getting them ready

First and foremost, it is critical to select a renowned brand of plasma pen. There are numerous brands available on the market. Therefore do your study to discover one that has positive feedback and is FDA-approved. Aside from that, consider the brand’s reputation, pricing, warranty, and convenience of use. Burns, scarring, and infection are all risks of using the wrong pen.

Step 2: Prepping and cleaning the skin and treatment area

It is critical to clean the breast area before beginning the process to remove any creams, oils, or cosmetics from the skin. Then, use a soft soap and cloth to soothe the region so the skin is not inflamed before using the pen.

After cleaning the area, apply the numbing lotion to anesthetize it. Then put on an eye protection mask and gloves before turning on the pen.

Step 3: Begin the procedure

Then, carefully read the device’s instructions before turning on the fibroblast plasma pen and adjusting the settings to your needs. After reading the directions, try out the plasma pen on a small patch of skin before going on to your breasts.

This will help you understand how the item works and ensure that you use it correctly.

When you’re ready, press the pen onto your skin and move it in a circular motion. To avoid burns, don’t linger in one place for too long. After you’ve completed the process, use a cool compress on the affected region to relieve any soreness.

Step 4: Recovery and Aftercare

The care phase is just as important as the treatment itself. If not carefully maintained, the effects will fade quickly. Or worse, the wound will not heal. Hence, for a few days, avoid putting beauty products on the skin area.

Resist scratching the skin, particularly if it itches. Wearing clothes made of exfoliating materials that can irritate the affected area may cause a skin reaction, so plan on wearing soft clothes that will comfortably fit throughout your healing process.
See a dermatologist if you observe any major abrasions or skin discoloration – do not attempt to treat it on your own.

Step 5: Resting the skin

It is critical to take sufficient time to recover after finishing the treatment. The process may cause the area to become reddish, swelled, and bruised.

However, with proper care, following the doctor’s recommendations, and the process of healing, any inflammation or bruising should go away in a few days.

Who is a good candidate for a plasma pen breast lift?

Any woman who is unsatisfied with the look of her breasts should consider the Plasma Fibroblast Breast Lift. It is ideal for those who suffer sagging or deflation as a result of age, childbirth, or weight loss.

The Plasma Pen is thought to be a largely risk-free treatment. Although no treatment is without danger and the following are the potential risks of plasma skin tightening:

  • Skin discoloration
  • Bruising or swelling
  • Crusting or scabbing
  • Possible scars

If sufficient care is not done during the healing phase, unwanted consequences are much more likely to occur. Consult your physician about the best course of action for the best healing.

What is the pre-and post-operative care required for patients?

Final outcomes and completion of the healing cycle require at least 12 weeks. Visual differences are expected to be gradual at first, then more dramatic with time. Benefits may last up to 6 months. Over the course of three months, the healing cycle develops in two stages.

Stage 1

Scab dots appear on the treatment region during the first stage of fibroblast recovery. These dots fall off between 4 and 14 days following the procedure. Dots on the body typically take longer than dots on the face, maybe up to 2-3 weeks.

Some recovery advice for Plasma Pen breast lift treatment includes the following rules:

  • Little to no sun exposure
  • Do not apply products, creams, or other substances to the treated skin
  • Do not pick or scratch at the treated skin
  • Don’t shave or wax the treated area until healing is done
  • No smoking to improve healing rates

Stage 2

Phase 2 starts when the last dot falls and lasts for three months following the start of therapy. At this point, you can apply makeup and gradually resume your normal skincare routine. It’s always best to still be conscious about your exposure to long periods of sun and harsh products that you may apply to your skin until absolutely healed.

What are the results of a plasma pen breast lift?

First and foremost, remember that this technique is not the same as plastic surgery and will provide less dramatic results. Understanding this ahead of time will keep you from being dissatisfied with the outcome. You won’t notice larger breasts or significant changes, which is actually beneficial.

Your chest will appear firmer and fresher, and the skin will appear younger, yet it’ll look natural with no traces of therapy.
When it relates to the plasma pen breast lift benefits, most people should anticipate seeing a visible lift in their breasts two weeks after the surgery. However, it can last up to three weeks. It also causes the skin on the breasts to smooth and tighten.

How long will a plasma pen breast lift last?

The full effects will be noticeable after a period of 3 – 6 months when collagen and elastin production continues, and the skin tightens. It should be noted that the outcomes are not permanent.
Yet, with good care, they can live for as long as two years. This involves avoiding sunlight exposure, giving up smoking, and reducing alcohol use, which can promote skin sagging.

How much does a plasma pen breast lift cost?

Cost varies based on your treated area. This operation is regarded as very cost-effective because the results can last up to 3 years. Because Plasma Pen therapy is cosmetic surgery, most health insurance policies do not cover it.

The cost of therapy is mostly determined by the extent of the region/skin to be treated, and the average fees range between $700 and $2000.


While plasma pen breast lift treatments may be relatively new on the market, many women have benefited greatly from this cost-effective and highly productive treatment. Sometimes, we just want a more natural improvement and youthful appearance without surgery, and this procedure is the best of worlds.