Breast Lift Without Vertical Scars [Fully Explained]

Dr.Edna Skopljak

Dr.Edna Skopljak

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You’re here because you want to know if the dream is possible: A breast lift procedure that has minimal scarring or no vertical scars. We know how hard it is to accept the effects of sagging and other drooping effects, and wanting to combat this is completely natural.

That’s why we’ve detailed what you need to know about breast lifts without vertical scars as well as the different types of techniques that might be suitable for you.

What Is a breast lift without a vertical scar?

A no-vertical-scar breast lift is a perfect choice for individuals who have lost skin elasticity and have long or narrow breasts. This breast lift treatment results in a more rounded appearance and does not leave a vertical scar, as traditional breast lifts do.

Breast lift techniques with no-vertical-scar methods start with an incision around the areola, removing the usual scar that is left after this treatment. This approach may be most effective for women who have little breast sagging and do not require extensive skin and tissue removal after surgery.

The advantages of these techniques are fantastic because there is no vertical scar, leaving the breast looking rounded and firmer.

One of the drawbacks of the no-vertical-scar technique is that it’s restricted to only certain types of breast shapes, suiting types that are longer and more narrow in shape, called breast ptosis.

The different techniques used for a breast lift without a vertical scar

There are a wide variety of breast lift techniques, each with different methods, risks, and severity of scarring. Let’s dive into the types of breast lifts without vertical scarring.

Circumareolar breast lift

For women with moderate breast ptosis, longer and more narrow shape, the Circumareolar Lift is a viable treatment option for sagging or drooping. Because the incision is performed around the borders of the areola, you’ll have exceptionally natural-looking outcomes. Minimal or zero traces of surgery can be obtained following the healing process.

The areola, the dark region of skin that surrounds the nipple, is incised in a circular fashion around the outer edges. Your plastic surgeon will then be able to remove any excess skin or breast tissue that is contributing to sagging.

Periareolar lift

The Periareolar is a method best suited for women with small breasts who have minor drooping but want to improve the size and shape as well as the position of their nipples.

This treatment, which is usually performed in addition to breast augmentation, makes circular incisions around the areola, allowing the areola to be reduced in size by up to 1.5 inches in diameter.

Benelli lift

The Benelli procedure comprises a donut-shaped incision around the exterior of the areola, which allows the incision lines to remain unseen in swimwear or underwear.

Excess tissue around the areola is removed, and the remaining tissue is formed and held in place. While this procedure is not suitable if you want a dramatic adjustment to large breasts or those who have a pronounced droop, it is suitable for many moderate-scope breast-lift patients.

Lollipop lift

The Lollipop technique starts with an incision made around the entire areola, as with a donut breast lift, and then a downward incision line is formed to the bottom of the breasts. This means the scarring is more prominent and shaped like a lollipop.

Is it possible to have a breast lift without scars?

We understand the worry about scarring and visual signs of a breast lift, and it’s an important question to ask: what is the extent of scarring for the different types of lifts?

Although incision-free mastopexy (breast lift surgery) has not yet been achieved, scars can be minimized to the point where they are barely visible.

Which breast lift has the least scarring?

Because the techniques we mentioned above have incision lines that are only formed around the areola, scarring is usually minimal. However, the crescent lift only makes incisions on the upper half of the areola, and jas the least amount of scarring of any surgical lifting technique.


While breast lift surgery and the different techniques will inevitably leave scarring, the new methods that have been proven and used by women across the world show that these scars don’t always need to be visible. The results can be exceptional and incredibly hard to notice – thus appearing natural.