Auto-Augmentation Breast Lift [2023 Guide]

Dr.Edna Skopljak

Dr.Edna Skopljak

Edna Skopljak is a Doctor of Medicine. She has over 10 years of experience in the medical field. She is also a volunteer at several organizations, and is always looking for ways to improve the health of her community.

As a woman, your image is part of your identity. Aging and other aspects of life, like breastfeeding and pregnancy, can wreak havoc on your body, chipping away at your confidence and ability to enjoy life to the fullest.

In this article, we detail everything you need to know about auto-augmentation and how this procedure can give you the body image you’ve been seeking all these years – without the need for artificial implants.

What is an auto-augmentation breast lift?

Auto-augmentation breast lift treatments are different from traditional breast lifts and implants. This treatment process will use your breast tissue instead of injecting or inserting artificial material. Many women prefer using this form of breast lift to improve the drooping, sagging, and stretching of their breast tissue.

While aging, drooping, and sagging are completely natural phenomena, they can seriously affect a woman’s self-confidence and body image. By taking back your power with this treatment, you can have the confidence to show off your body again without worry or self-doubt.

Auto-augmentation is the best method for women who already have substantial breast tissue, as this will allow you to lift, tone, and shape your breasts without losing size or inserting implants. In addition, as an uplift treatment technique, your existing tissue is used to uplift and create fullness again.

Comparison with traditional breast lift vs. auto-augmentation

Here, we compare the traditional breast lift with the auto-augmentation technique and how each treatment works, giving you the best parallel so you can make an informed decision regarding the best method for you and your body.

Traditional breast lift surgery (Mastopexy)

Traditional breast lift surgery, commonly called mastopexy, is a treatment used to enhance the shape of your breast by combatting sagging, stretching, and drooping.

In order to improve appearance and perkiness, excess skin is removed, and the breast tissue is shaped and lifted to the preferred height on your chest. This can often decrease the size of your breasts but gives your breasts a perky and youthful look again.

Auto-augmentation breast lift surgery

Breast augmentation is similar to traditional breast lifts but doesn’t affect the size of your breasts while lifting and recreating your perky and firm breast tissue.

This treatment helps with the volume and shape of your breast by using the existing tissue to rearrange and adjust against the effects of aging.

This method of breast lift is also less invasive with less risk of numbness, making auto-augmentation a far better choice for your dreams of having youthful breasts again.

Benefits of auto-augmentation breast lift

Auto-augmentation is quickly becoming the preferred method for women seeking an improvement in their body image and the appearance of their breasts. Because this method is far less invasive than traditional breast lifts with no artificial material used, you can see why this technique is the better choice.

Minimal scarring

Minimal scarring is one of the main benefits for women seeking to improve the appearance of their breasts, and because of how this technique is done, you will have minimal scarring once the procedure is complete.

It is also a permanent procedure that uses your natural breast tissue, unlike implants and other artificial augmentations.

Improved shape and volume

By using your natural existing breast tissue to make the adjustments and breast lift, the shape and volume of the end result will look natural and feel just like natural breasts – because your breasts are still 100% natural.

Quick recovery time

Your recovery time for auto-augmentation is quicker than with traditional breast lifts because this method is less invasive due to the fact that no artificial material is inserted for volume and shape. Using your breast tissue for adjustments and shaping drastically reduces your recovery time.

The auto-augmentation breast lift procedure

Here, we detail the process of auto-augmentation and what is involved with the procedure, from preparation to post-procedure care.


This is the beginning part of the procedure and involves discussing your desired outcome and shape with your physician. Preparation will consist of discussion and agreement on your goals before it’s time for the procedure.

Procedure details

The auto-augmentation procedure is done by splitting the breast tissue into two parts, called the superior and inferior portions. Because the nipple is attached to the superior portion of your breast tissue, splitting the tissue allows the breast to be repositioned and adjusted higher on the chest to create a natural perky, and firm appearance.

The inferior portion, or the ‘droopy part’ of the breast tissue, is now also free to be secured and positioned higher on the chest to give you a youthful appearance without sagging or drooping. Acting as an “implant,” the inferior portion helps shape and improve your breast shape and create the look and feel of a tight youthful chest.


While hospitalization is not needed for auto-augmentation, general anesthesia is used to prevent pain and discomfort during the procedure.

Post-procedure care

After surgery, which can take up to 3 hours, you can return home for recovery with follow-up visits to your physician to monitor your healing and recovery.

For the first three days, it’s important to rest after your surgery and prevent any physical exertion. Antibiotics will be prescribed along with pain medication to help support your recovery and aid in the healing process. A surgical bra will be prescribed as well and is necessary to wear during your recovery.

It should take at least one week to recover from auto-augmentation surgery before you can return to work, depending on the nature of your work. It’s always best to get the green light from your physician before returning to work or undergoing strenuous physical activity, like exercise or intercourse.

Who is a good candidate for an auto-augmentation breast lift?

Here, you can find out what makes a woman a good candidate for auto-augmentation breast lifts and what factors determine this.


Age is a factor because surgeons will be hesitant to perform this procedure if you’re too young or have health complications or chronic health conditions.

Breast size

Your breast size is important for auto-augmentation because this procedure uses your existing breast tissue to make adjustments and improve appearance and firmness.

Medical history

Your medical history and health factors will determine if you qualify for this procedure due to the general anesthesia and the nature of general surgery.

Short-term and long-term risks of auto-augmentation breast lift

As with any surgery, auto-augmentation breast lifts come with inherent risks and include the following:

  • Infection
  • Hematoma
  • Scarring
  • Necrosis
  • Seroma
  • Numbness

Precautions and considerations

It’s important to follow the prescribed aftercare process and instructions from your surgeon and physician to reduce related complications from auto-augmentation surgery. Drinking or smoking will slow down your healing process, making your lifestyle habits an integral part of your recovery process, including your diet.

Cost of auto-augmentation breast lift

Auto-Augmentation Breast Lift can cost between $4,000 to $8,000.
The price is also largely dependent on the clinic. It’s important that you don’t cut corners when it comes to finding the right surgeon and clinic by using trusted and reliable sources for this procedure.

Factors that determine the cost

Some of the aspects that determine the cost of auto-augmentation breast lift surgery will include the following:

  • The experience and credentials of your surgeon
  • The location of the practice/clinic
  • Pre-Op and Post-Op care

Insurance coverage

Unfortunately, most insurance providers will not consider this as an essential treatment and thus will not cover the costs. Therefore, most women will need to save and pay for this procedure without insurance assistance.

Our Conclusion

Auto-augmentation breast lift is less invasive than traditional breast lifts. So this option is far superior for your health. And the results are amazing.

Using a more natural method to tighten, raise, and improve the appearance of your breasts is part of the amazing improvements of modern technology.